(N) Riverdale's Peterbald Cattery




Welcome to our website. We are a small cattery, located in Bodø, Norway. 

You may also visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/riverdalescattery

We are now planning our first peterbald litter!

Our family consists of two adults and four cats; two peterbalds, one siamese and one oriental shorthair. 

Peterbald coat types:

  • Bald. Bald cats are born completely without hair and are somewhat sticky to the touch.
  • Flock. Flock cats are 70-90% hairless and will have a coat of up to 1 mm in length. There is some resistance if you brush them the wrong way.
  • Brush Coat. Brush Coat cats have a short coat with wiry hair up to 5 mm long. Brush Coated cats have only one copy of the hair loss gene. The coat feels like a felt and can be pet in either direction. This coat type is unique to the Peterbald — no other breed of cat has a brush coat.
  • Straight Coat. Straight Coat cats have a short coat with normal whiskers. They have no copies of the hair loss gene.


    A kitten from (N) Riverdale's:

    - has grown up as a family member.

    - is earliest delivered at 14 weeks of age.

    - is ID marked with a microchip.

    - has been vaccinated.

    - comes with a veterinary certificate no older than 7 days.

    - is sold as an indoor pet.

    - should preferably be picked up by the buyer at our house (exeptions can be made).

    We expect a buyer to:

    - spay/neuter the cat no later than at 6 months of age.

    - keep the cat as an indoor pet.

    - inform us before the cat is given a new home or if it is to be euthanized.

    If you wish to reserve a special kitten before the kitten has reached the age of 14 weeks, there will be made a reservation contract, and a reservation fee must be paid.